For first time users, some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How do I start using Katabang?

Very Easy! You simply make your selections on the booking form: Choose the service you need, select your location, then choose the date and time, and indicate if you wish a recurring service scheduled, then click BOOK NOW or CONFIRM BOOKING!

2. What are the next steps to complete my booking?

After you clicked Book Now, you simply need to provide your information such as name, contact number and your location.

If you are already a registered customer, just sign in with your email and password, or you can just click login with facebook.

Then it takes you to the payment page where you can complete it all in just a few clicks.

A payment and booking confirmation email (or text/SMS) will be sent to you.

Katabang will then route your booking to the Service Providers who are available on your requested date and time, and who are closest to your location. Once a Service Provider confirms, Katabang will then send you another confirmation email (or text/SMS) that your booking is now scheduled and will provide information on the Service Provider who is assigned to your request.All you need to do now is wait for your schedule.

3. How do I pay?

You pay via our website, www.katabang.com. You should never pay to the Service Provider for mutual protection.

Several easy payment gateways and procedures are made available including PayPal and All Major Credit Cards, Online Bank Transfers, DragonPay which also includes Online Bank Transfers and Credit Cards, and through Mobile Payment Platforms such as GCash.

4. Can I cancel or reschedule my bookings? How do I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Yes you can cancel or reschedule your bookings subject to the Policy for Service Cancellation by the Customer as described in our TOU – Terms of Use (Section 5).

You may cancel or reschedule by using the Katabang Platform (www.katabang.com) only. This is to avoid disagreements on timeliness of the notice of cancellation or rescheduling. The facility to cancel or reschedule is found at your Account Summary - Page.

5. What is the soonest schedule I can book?

At Katabang, you may schedule a house cleaning or any of our other services for as early as the next day.

6. Who supplies the tools and materials for rendering the service?

Materials, supplies and tools are provided by the customer or made available onsite for the Service Provider to use. Sometimes, the service provider may bring his/her own tools in cases where necessary such as for carpentry, plumbing, handyman work, and similar services.

7. How will I identify a Katabang Service Provider?

Since Katabang Service Providers are not employees of Katabang but business partners, we cannot issue them employee IDs. They are however, issued membership IDs as members of the Katabang community.

At the same time, the second confirmation email sent to you after your payment, will indicate the name and telephone number of the Service Provider assigned to you. You may ask him/her when he/she arrives to confirm his/her identity.

8. What if the Service Provider is late by a few minutes?

If the Service Provider is late by a few minutes, he/she will make up for it to complete the 4 hours committed. When he/she starts, he/she will inform you of the time he/she started and when he/she would stop as well or start to wind-down, clean-up and prepare to leave.

9. Can I dictate what they will do? Or what they need to do?

For certain types of services such as house cleaning, the Katabang website provides expectation guidance i.e. what to expect for a house cleaning service. As customer, you may provide guidance on what to prioritize and where to focus, but generally our Service Providers already have their routines.

They however will not be able to render a different service than the one you have booked. For instance, they cannot do a carpentry job if you booked for a house cleaning.

10. What if the Service was not completed?

The Service Providers are booked based on the number of hours. Depending on the size of your house, the state of cleanliness (or otherwise), or the focus and guidance you have indicated to the Service Provider, it is possible that they will not be finished cleaning or rendering the service in the 4 hours allotted.

We trust that our Customers may also be discerning enough to gauge the situation correctly and appreciate the effort of the Service Provider.

11. Can I book a recurring schedule?

Yes you may. The booking form already facilitates this requirement. Once you indicate recurrence, you may also indicate the frequency and schedule. Katabang however will not be able to assure you that it will be the same Service Provider who can work for you in any or all of the schedules. If you indicate preference, we will do our best.

12. What if I am not satisfied with the Service? Or what if the Service Provider does not arrive as scheduled?

In both cases, Katabang offers you a Moneyback Guarantee. You may email us at support@katabang.com. As regards dissatisfaction, we will however reserve the right to investigate or send the same Service Provider for a redo.

As regards the Service Provider, Katabang will follow existing policies in dealing with situations which may have been caused by the Service Provider.

13. Can I tip the Service Provider?

We strongly discourage tipping. Part of Katabang's altruistic intention of putting people to work while filling the gap in the needs of many well-off customers living in urban centers, is also to make sure that the Service Providers also earn well and earn decently.

Katabang while the profit centric model for the business is intended to help our Customers, it's bigger intention is also to help the Service Providers and the community overall.

14. Can I make an arrangement directly with the Service Providers for all future engagements and work assignments?

While we appeal sincerely to our Customers and Service Providers to keep the transactions inside the Katabang platform to ensure the continuation of the Katabang service, we do realize that Customers and Service Providers can do this. There is however very little financial benefit in doing this as the Katabang service charges only a very minimal commission for every transaction.

There are also several benefits and safety nets that you as Customers will forego by transacting directly with our Service Providers. These would include the limited liability insurance per transaction, the deterrent of having a traceable and recorded work assignment, the integrity of your payment as Katabang is the payment clearing house for all transactions, the flexibility of having many options as Service Providers and not just one, and many more. Plus, you would not want to be responsible for ruining the real chance for the Service Provider at improving their lot in life, as a case of direct transaction will suspend the Service Provider from the Katabang system for at least 6 months.

Katabang is not just an enterprise, but also a vocation and a calling. We urge our Customers for your help in sustaining this service community.

Last updated: July 29, 2015