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domestic services



We Help You

We Help You

We provide a platform where you, who needs domestic services easily meets those who can provide them, locally, reliably, securely and at the best cost possible. We enable you to meet your needs without long-term commitment, and with the convenience of following your own schedules.

Help Yourself

Help Yourself

If your circumstances do not allow you to live with the help nor be committed long-term, katabang.com is for you. Designed for life on-the-go, and for your added privacy. We are here to help you.

And Help Others

And Help Others

Help yourself by helping others. Katabang is a win-win platform which strives to fill the gap in domestic service requirements, while at the same time giving opportunities for those who are underemployed to earn decently while still being able to take care of their families and live their lives. As a Katabang customer, you are helping people and contributing to the goodness in this world.